Visitors are welcome at all services. We look forward to meeting you and our ushers are available for any questions at the entrance.  Here is our parish COVID Protocol.
St Nicholas is a parish of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church USA , Ecumenical Patriarchate.


We Invite You to Worship With Us!

Regular Sunday Services
9:00am: 3rd & 6th Hours
9:30am: Divine Liturgy
Vespers  Saturday at 5pm 


Coming Up

Wednesdays in March
6:00 PM

Presanctified Liturgy



March 30 ~ 6:00 PM

Great Canon
(Complete with the Life of St Mary)


April 5 ~ 6:00 PM

Holy Unction


Service Schedule for Holy Week and Pascha 2023


April 9: Palm Sunday - The Entry of Our Lord into Jerusalem

9:10am ~ 3rd & 6th Hours

9:30am ~ Festal Divine Liturgy for Palm Sunday


April 10: Great & Holy Monday

6:00pm ~ Bridegroom Matins


April 11: Great & Holy Tuesday

6:00pm ~ Bridegroom Matins (with the Hymn of Cassia)


April 12: Great & Holy Wednesday

9:30am ~ Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts

6:00pm ~ Bridegroom Matins


April 13: Great & Holy Thursday - The Mystical Supper

9:30am ~ Vesperal Liturgy of St. Basil the Great
Preparation of Reserve Sacrament

6:00pm ~ Matins for Great & Holy Friday
Reading of the 12 Passion Gospels


April 14: Great and Holy Friday - The Crucifixion

9:30am ~ Royal Hours

4:00pm ~ Great Vespers - Commemoration of the Burial of Christ w/ Procession

7:00pm ~ Jerusalem Matins, w/ Lamentations/ Procession;
Followed by All Night Vigil at the Tomb


April 15: Great & Holy Saturday - The Descent of Our Lord into Hades

9:30am ~ Paschal Vigil: Vesperal Liturgy of St Basil the Great
with 15 Old Testament readings
11:30pm ~ Paschal Vigil: Midnight Office


April 16: Great & Holy Pascha - The Resurrection of Our Lord
12:00am/Midnight ~ 
Procession, Resurrection Matins, Divine Liturgy
Followed by blessing of the baskets

2:00pm ~  Agape Vespers, followed by outdoor fellowship (and jellybean hunt!)


April 17: Bright Monday

9:10am  ~ Paschal Hours

9:30am  ~ Paschal Divine Liturgy



St. Nicholas Orthodox Church began in June 1998 as a mission effort of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA. in November 2007, St. Nicholas Orthodox Parish was welcomed as a full-fledged Parish of the UOC of USA.


Special services for Feasts and Saints take place at St. Nicholas throughout the year. Other events that reflect the church's outreach to our community also occur. 'Read more' to find out what is happening this month.


St. Nicholas Orthodox Church is happy to share several resources with our visitors from a variety of online sources at the link below. Parish Resources are listed in the tab at the top of this page in the main menu bar.


Orthodox Christianity is about communion with God and, by His grace, growth in holiness. Our primary means of growth in this spiritual process is through our participation in the Sunday worship called the Divine Liturgy.