Building and Grounds Service Group

Latest News...
We are now in the closing stages of Facilities Master Plan Phase 1, Assessment, which is an evaluation of the current condition of the church interior, exterior and grounds. Next, we will develop cost estimates for bringing
everything in the church and grounds to a working state of repair before we move onto the next phase, Future Development Program, where we will address the parish’s future development needs.

 The Building and Grounds service group takes a leadership role in managing and organizing all repairs, maintenance, and cleaning at St. Nicholas. In addition, we play an active role in facility planning, especially as we move through our master planning process. We work closely with other service group leaders and the parish board, supporting their specific projects and needs, especially those that have an impact on our facility.

As a part of our ministry, we host regular work days at the church, open to the entire parish where we prep for feast days, like Pascha and St. Nicholas day. We hold meetings to discuss issues that have been brought to our attention, and the progress of ongoing projects. We encourage each parishioner to take pride in the cleaning of the church, and to sign up as they can contribute.  Much of our time is spent planning and completing maintenance and repairs both inside and outside the church.  Some of the most recent projects have included: planting/mulching, hedge trimming, electrical updates, and painting. 

The Buildings & Grounds service group is comprised of a diverse group of both men and women, including college students, tradesmen, gardeners, contractors, and other folks interested in supporting the church by ensuring we have a safe, comfortable and clean house of worship.