Charitable Works Group

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~ Syrian Relief: the special summer event was a success.  Here is Fr. Robert's recap on the  Detailed Event Page.

MISSION: With the blessing of the pastor, the Charitable Works Service Group coordinates ministries and service projects of the St. Nicholas parish family, striving to address the material, emotional, and spiritual needs of those in our local community, the wider region, and across the globe.

 The Charitable Works Service Group meets regularly to serve as a conduit between  our parish members and resources and ministry providers to spread the love of Christ to those in need.  The ministry and service providers with whom we work include:  

 Parish Ministries and Local Partners

 Community Care - Our community care ministry addresses the needs of those in our parish community at special moments of their lives, and when they need spiritual or material assistance. This can include a simple greeting card during hospitalization, providing meals to families after childbirth or in times of illness, support during bereavement, etc. 

  • Prison Visitation - we have regular communication and visitations with people incarcerated in state and local jails and prisons.

  • Domestic Violence - Shelters for Help - In the past we have developed relationships with those who provide this critical care to those with family issues.

  • Sanctity of Life - Parish supports local and national right to life efforts in support of the unborn and families in need.
  • Crozet Food Pantry - We endeavor to assist local food pantries by collecting foods during the Church's fasting periods and providing volunteer help when possible.
    • Fasting food collections
    • Packing and Distribution

  • Love I.N.C. (In the Name of Christ) - Love Inc serves as a clearing house to match those in need with faith communities. We have provided both volunteer support and financial resources for others through the LOVE Inc. ministry. 
  • Southwest Virginia Partners - Since 2009, our parish has formed a set of relationships with the people of Buchanon County (Grundy) in Southwest, Virginia. As these relationships have developed we have tried to support their local efforts through prayerful support, financial assistance, home repair, food donations, blanket collections and other efforts.

    • Buchanan Neighbors United – Annual Grundy mission trip: Buchanan Neighbors United helps to rebuild the lives and homes of people in the region.  Since 2011, the parish has sent a mission team of volunteers to work with this organization for a week of both home repair efforts and the interpersonal support of their ministry.

    • Sunrise Center - the Sunrise Center runs programs to help women complete their GED and meet other educational needs. Our help in the past has included providing computers for contemporary learning environment.

    • Backpack Blessings - The need for food for children whose families are ravished by poverty and drug abuse can be met at school, but what happens when they go home? Backpack blessings helps to bridge that gap, sending non-perishable, nutritious food home with children on weekends during the school year.

    • Remote Area Medical (RAM) and Clinic – Annually, RAM holds a medical mission in Grundy, Virginia,
      which is attended by thousands for whom this may well be their only health care treatment for the year.  The parish sends down blankets to help people stay warm as they stay in their cars awaiting treatment and books for children to read during the long day of service and waiting. 

    • Gift of Love - Is a ministry that provides essentials to families in the area such as shoes for students and household items to those whose homes have burned down (a common occurrence in the area). The parish provides material support and special drives for shoes and other items.


National and International Orthodox Partners

  •  International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) - IOCC serves as the arm of Orthodox Churches in the Americas to provide assistance to those in need both at home and abroad. In the past, members of the parish have served on volunteer service trips to foreign lands in support of such in addition to spiritual and financial assistance. 

  • Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) - A number of parish members have served on short term mission trips and the parish regularly funds assistance to overseas mission efforts of OCMC and other groups.

  •  Fellowship of Orthodox Christians United to Serve (FOCUS) - FOCUS serves domestic needs, particularly those of the homeless. The parish assists FOCUS financially and, hopefully, there will be an opportunity for a stronger interaction in the future. 
  • Zoe for Life - ZOE serves unwed mothers and their children on a national level.  Our parish has regular contacts with the leadership of ZOE in their ministry.

  • Orphanage Ministries

    • Project Mexico - is a ministry to orphans in Mexico. Several parish members have taken an active role in working with the ministry and serving as a conduit for additional parish resources.

    • Hogar Ragael - is a ministry to orphans in Guatemala through the ministry of Orthodox nuns there. We try to support their work financially, through our prayers and periodic visitations by parish members

    • Ukrainian Orphanage Ministry - UOC of USA - The parish supports this central outreach of the UOC in support of orphans who suffer birth defects as a result of the effects of the Chornobyl disaster. 
  • Ukrainian Orthodox Church Ministries Abroad - Include the ongoing work of St.Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Society which provides soup kitchens and material support to those in need in Ukraine, as well as other ministry outreach efforts - including care for those afflicted by the recent civil unrest in Ukraine

  • Other Orthodox Outreach Initiatives - have included an outreach to those suffering the effects of the civil war in Syria, and direct spiritual and material support for the ministry of the Church in Africa.


St. Nicholas Charity Award

Each December the Charitable Works Service Group recognizes an outside organization whose mission and record of service exemplifies the spirit of St. Nicholas, and presents them with a monetary gift. Past recipients have included the Sunrise Center, IOCC, and Love, INC. To nominate a ministry please contact the pastor.


The pastor and parish also provides additional visitation and ministry services upon request.