Liturgy Service Group

The Liturgy Service group at St. Nicholas Parish is a multi-faceted group of parishioners who join in fellowship to address the diverse requirements of maintaining order and smooth-functioning liturgical worship.

The Liturgy Service group supports this most important facet of Parish life in the following ways:

  • encouraging involvement of the entire Parish community in worship
  • preparation and placement of service books, pamphlets and other materials for community and service leaders
  • planning and preparing the worship environment for seasons and feasts
  • ensuring adequate supply of worship aids (candles, icons) for weekly services
  • ensuring the linens (server and clergy vestments, altar covers) are cleaned and in good repair
  • water and general care of plants in worship space

Sub-groups within the Liturgy Service group include Altar Servers, Prosphora Bakers, Readers/Chanters, Service Preparation and Assistance, and special projects which at present include our Parish Iconography Project.

Individuals with an interest in the “nuts and bolts” of Liturgical Worship would find this group to be a good place to learn and share in the work of the Church.