Dear Visitors and Friends Who are not of the Orthodox Faith


 Now that you have found us please dive in…the water is fine.  If you have any questions regarding particulars of the Orthodox Church, please feel free to contact the pastor, Father Charles, by phone or Email, and feel please ask any of our parishioners about Church life when you visit in person, and we will try to help you find satisfactory answers to your most daunting questions!

 There are many today who thirst spiritually for truth, peace, mercy and forgiveness in their lives.  Human nature is - in essence - spiritual, and we all have, deep down, a desire to experience that dimension of life that leads us to our God.  In Orthodoxy, we believe that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, fostered through our prayer life (private and public), the sacraments, scripture reading and teaching, helps people to experience the transforming power of His grace in their lives.  This ‘new life’ in Christ is characterized by the living presence of the Holy Spirit – bringing love, joy, peace, spiritual knowledge, forgiveness of sins, and a spiritual purpose.   

 Seeking Orthodoxy means not only pursuing an intellectual exercise, but opening one’s heart to God’s working within.  In the Church – in worship (liturgy) services and fellowship, that pursuit becomes an experience that fosters a desire to know God, and love Him.  Our study of the faith, through sacred Scripture, and the ancient teachings of the Church, help us to bring our minds into the sacred knowledge of Christ, who is the Truth. Yet, while our personal search, through books and online materials, is vital, the true exploration of Orthodoxy takes place in the heart, through experiencing the Liturgy, and the life of prayer in the Church.  This is the same way of Christian life present from in the Church from the moment of Pentecost (Acts 2) and for 2000 years since.