Library and Bookstore Service Group

The Library and Bookstore Service Group has two distinct components. Both the Parish Library and the Saints Cyril and Methodius Bookstore share a common purpose. We seek to support Parish members and friends in quality spiritual reading for the encouragement, education, and growth in holiness for all. The aim of Christian life is to learn what it means to be made in God's image and likeness, and to live into an ever-deepening communion with God the Holy Trinity. We desire to be a helpful resource to that end.

The collection of the Parish Library houses over 600 titles, and is located in the north wing of the Church building. At present, we have a fairly wide-ranging collection from the Church Fathers and monastic writings to Orthodox family life and cookbooks. It is both scholarly and popular, ancient and modern.
The Bookstore is both more broad and more focused in its offerings. While we stock the Bookstore with a variety of titles in different categories, we also sell iconography, greeting cards, and prayer bracelets. The Bookstore seeks to rotate certain elements on a seasonal basis to stay in step with the Liturgical year, as well as stock certain items to meet the needs of Parish life at particular times. So this means that you will see books for Lent during the Great Fast leading up to Holy Pascha, icons of the Nativity in preparation for Christmas, and books on the Theotokos in the season around the Dormition of the Mother of God. 

As it is located in the bookcase in the south corner of the Narthex when you enter the Church, the Bookstore is a kind of Parish front-door and welcoming committee. Our Parish will typically have a lovely person in the Narthex to greet you on a Sunday if you come to the Divine Liturgy to visit; but the Bookstore also offers books for folks who may be new to Orthodoxy. This is yet another way that we seek to welcome all those who come to worship the risen Christ! We hope that you find some interesting and helpful things in our Bookstore, and that you will also explore our Library for a more expansive collection of books.

Again, welcome-- and if one of us from the Library and Bookstore Service Group can be of help to you, please do feel free to contact us.