A Very Special Christmas Feast

Throughout Ukraine, there is a wonder-filled Christmas Eve custom that reveals much to us about this Nativity Season.  As the evening's first star appears, a special Supper is held which includes twelve dishes reminiscent of the twelve Apostles. The faithful gather in prayer, thanking God for life, and for Faith in Christ Jesus, who was born of the Virgin Mary. The prayers are lifted up for all present, with a remembrance of those who died, and those suffering in the world. The table is a work of beautiful simplicity, decorated to remind all present of Bethlehem - covered with hay, reminding us of Christ's humble birth in a stable.  As candles flicker bringing light and warmth, a special hope is held in the hearts of those gathered that the Lord will visit.

A special place is reserved at the head of the table. This place at the table is not to remain empty; it is reserved for the Visitor, the stranger or the poor person who comes, often as a surprise or unannounced.  After the meal, carols of Christmas are sung with joy, and the formal service (Liturgy) of the Feast is celebrated at Church.

An Invitation for You

Perhaps you are looking for a place at the table, where you will be welcomed, and where you can receive the love of Christ in His Church?  In the spirit of this Christmas tradition, St. Nicholas Parish will welcome you - to that special place set for you by the Lord - where you will be welcomed this Nativity Season, throughout the year, and forever in eternity.  Call 434-973-2500 for the Season's festivities.

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church began in June 1998 as a mission effort of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA. in November 2007, St. Nicholas Orthodox Parish was welcomed as a full-fledged Parish of the UOC of USA.


St. Nicholas Church is pleased to partner with the Dave Ramsey’s organization and offer the Financial Peace University series at our social hall – located at 7581 Roickfish Gap Turnpike, Greenwood, Virginia..


St. Nicholas Orthodox Church is happy to share several resources with our visitors. We freely make available our newsletter as well as podcasts of several sermons by our Pastor. Follow the link to discover our resources.


Orthodox Christianity is about communion with God and, by His grace, growth in holiness. Our primary means of growth in this spiritual process is through our participation in the Sunday worship called the Divine Liturgy.