Special Services & Events

Here is a recent bulletin containing the most up-to-date information.

Most services through Nativity are listed on the home page.  Here are additional ones including those of Theophany which follows Nativity in early January…

Opportunities for Confession for Nativity
12/19 after Moleben of Penance at 6pm; 12/22 after Royal Hours at 8am; 12/23 after Great Vespers at 4pm

Tuesday, December 26
Divine Liturgy at 9:00am for the Synaxis of the Godbearer

Sunday, December 31
Regular Sunday Matins and Divine Liturgy starting at 8:45am
Vigil at 11:00pm followed by Divine Liturgy for the New Year &  Circumcision of the Lord

Friday, January 5
Royal Hours of the Eve of Theophany at 8:00am
Great Vespers followed by Divine Liturgy and Sanctification of the Waters starting at 6:00pm

Saturday, January 6
Matins & Divine Liturgy at 8:45am for the Feast of the Theophany