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A little bit about Orthodoxy and our Parish

Orthodox Christianity traces its roots to the very beginning of Christianity in biblical times. Even today as we hear of the trials of Christians in places like Syria, Iraq, and Palestine, we are reminded vividly that Orthodox Christian communities were established in these lands by the holy apostles of Christ in the first century AD. We also hear of the civil strife in Ukraine today. Ukraine received Christianity in the 10th century, well before the split of Roman Catholicism from the rest of the Orthodox world and centuries before the Protestant Reformation in the Christian West. 

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church is a local, contemporary community of this Church of Christ which has existed from the beginning of the Christian era. Our parish was founded in June 1998 to serve Orthodox Christians in Central Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley. Our community is comprised of a wonderful blend of people who are seeking to be led by the Spirit of the Lord along the narrow path of this life to the Kingdom of Heaven. Some have come to us as converts to Christianity and Orthodoxy. Others come from ‘traditional’ Orthodox backgrounds (Ukrainian, Serbian, Russian, Romanian, Greek, Bulgarian, African, Antiochian, etc.) Because of this diversity, and our desire to worship God fully ‘in Spirit and in Truth’ (Jn. 4), we celebrate all of our services in English and use traditional congregational chants so that those in attendance can fully participate. Our parish is diverse regionally as well. Some people routinely travel up to one hour each way to attend services to participate in our church life. Their sacrifice inspires us all. 

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church is an established parish of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA under our eparchial bishop, His Eminence, Metropolitan Antony.  We share in the ever-growing life of Orthodox Christianity within the United States - which includes those who may have their spiritual roots in other Orthodox lands - while valuing the unique contributions to the tradition of Orthodoxy that have emerged from Kievan Christianity (Ukraine) over the past one thousand years. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA is in direct spiritual relationship with the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople (Istanbul) and His All Holiness, Patriarch Bartholomew.

On this site, you will find current information on things happening in our parish and the Orthodox world, helpful information about what the Orthodox Church believes and teaches, and ways to participate in our parish life - even if you live far away from us! If you're new to Orthodoxy, know that you are welcome among us and we can provide helpful information to you in person and online (see below).

Once again, please accept my greetings on behalf of our parish board and leadership and all the faithful members of our community - may God visit and bless your virtual visit among us.

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